Multi-Function FT2232H Development Board
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Multi-Function FT2232H Development Board

  1. FT2232H chip channel 1 can be used for JTAG, channel 2 can be used for UART, SPI, I2C etc
  1. High speed USB 2.0 interface
  1. Uses ARM’s standard 2×10 pin JTAG connector
  1. Supports targets working in voltage range 1.8 – 5.0 V DC
  1. FT2232H reset button included.
  1. Target board system reset button

  1. Dual AT93c56 chip (eeprom) is switched by jumper. This feature is very useful for developers, not only can avoid the eeprom burning failure, the development board can not be used, but also make this development board into two development boards, just selected by jumper.

  1. JTAG (channel 1), UART (channel 2) simultaneous output

  1. Channel 2 can be programmed by the user as spi, i2c, etc.

  1. Dimensions 10.2x5.4 mm (2×1.6″) 15 cm (8″) 2×10 JTAG cable ribbon cable included

  1. Optional accessories: 6pin, 2×7 pin adapter plate, 15cm 1×6 cable, 2×7 cable, housing

Multi-Function FT2232H Development Board

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